The Sauk Centre Band Shell Rehabilitation Project 2016-2017

This historic site has hosted hundreds of concerts and community events over the years, and was in need of a facelift and update. 

A list of the items which need attention was gathered, including prep work, repair of siding and stucco, painting the exterior, installing an equipment ramp/lift, painting the mural, and installing the computerized LED lighting system, all of which totaled approximately $63,000. The goal of the LED lighting system is broken up into three parts. 1) when someone’s performing, we have to be able to light them up.  2) highlight the artwork; 3)  it needs to highlight the structure itself.  

It was hard to get bands to play at the band shell because - besides the fact that paint was peeling - lighting was difficult to set up well and equipment was a struggle to get on stage.  The park has plenty of space to support a larger audience brought in by much bigger acts. The lighting system aids the potential of having larger bands and even plays in the band shell, including but not limited to local high schools. 

It has been a community effort: from funds for supplies to the voluntary handy work. All of the work was be completed by local businesses in Sauk Centre. 

The completion of this project proved not only attract people for the Wednesday evening concerts hosted by Central Minnesota Arts Council, but people of all ages living in and passing by the town of Sauk Centre.

The group of volunteers started the renovation process spring 2017. Preparation tasks included removing the chipped painting, high pressure washing, and then sealing.
Painting the mural commenced by the middle of June and the full project was completed by fall of 2017. Check out the gallery below. More photos are available on our Facebook page in the Band Shell photo album. 

Sauk Centre Band Shell History

Provided by Wendy Dronby - Secretary to the City of Sauk Centre.


July 2, 1919 – Ordinance 145 was approved to lease, let and demise unto Clara May DuBeau the premises for a period of 25 years for the purpose of erecting and maintaining thereon a structure to be used for concerts, entertainments, dances and pastimes and for the sale of confections and beverages therein and not otherwise.

Located NE part of Sinclair Lewis Park – West of the pump house South of Sauk Lake.

April 8, 1931 – Ordinance 178 was approved appropriating money for the erection and construction of a band stand or shell in the City Park.$1,200.


May 11, 1931 – Citizen’s Committee presented plans & specifications on the matter of new band stand/band shell.Clerk was instructed to advertise for bids for complete building and also bids on foundation only and on structure above foundation only.


May 25, 1931 – Bids were opened. Carl Eckberg - $1,399.00 to complete except for electrical wiring & A.N. Anderson & George Sieben bid on separate items totaling for the complete construction save electric wiring - $1,278.00.All bids exceeded the appropriation, the matter was taken under advisement. 


June 3, 1931 - Park Committee reported that it had been unable to get any satisfactory offer for the old band stand and as the Fairgrounds band stand was destroyed by wind, a motion that the old band stand be donated to the Fair Association provided that they would move the old band stand to the fairgrounds.


June 8, 1931 – Special Meeting – The Council rejected the bids of May 25th for the band shell as the amounts exceeded the authorized appropriation.The Council presented new specifications and both Eckberg and Sieben were present and proceeded to award the contract at auction.Mr. Sieben made a bid but Mr. Eckberg refused to bid until given a chance to figure over new specifications.The Council was divided in opinion as just what was best to do, but it finally adjourned to June 10, 1931 when new bids would be received based on new specifications.Failing to get satisfactory bids, the Council decided to readvertise for bids.


June 10, 1931 – Carl Eckberg filed notice of his withdrawal of his former bid for building the band shell and recommended that the bid be let to Anderson & Sieben.Anderson & Sieben were present and agreed to complete the band shell according to plans & specifications for the sum of $1,200.00 and by unanimous vote, the contract was awarded to them.

The Council agreed to meet with the Band Committee on June 11 and locate the new building.


July 1, 1931 – the Mayor & Clerk were directed to execute an amendment to the Band Shell Contract allowing the contractors to use material from the old band stand for a credit of $25.00 on the original contract.


July 25, 1931 – Construction Completed


August 7, 1931 - Dedication


1985 – Band shell was repaired and painted.


July 14, 1997 – Restoration completed of replacing the old wood siding with steel with funds provided by the Sauk Centre Jaycees and City of Sauk Centre.

2011 – Sauk Centre Rotary Club donated labor & supplies for benches.   


November 2016 - 2017 Bandshell Rehabilitation Project completed by volunteers and funded by the local business grants and individual members of the city. Two notable mentions made in the name of donations. We would like to honor the life of Sauk Centre student Daniel Hinnenkamp who loved the park and playing in a band with friends. We would also like to honor the dedication of many years in the school as band teacher and director, Mr. Raitor, also included in the mural. In addition to the mural, lights were added to the front, ramp added, and stairs redone to each side. 

June 2018 – Sauk Centre Rotary Club donated labor & supplies for an additional row of benches due to the increase in crowds & attention. 

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Lighting added to admire the mural even at night & to add security.