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Initially our team assembled as a group of  volunteers authorized by the City of Sauk Centre to fundraise and oversee the rehabilitation and updates to the Sauk Centre Band Shell. Since then we have had the pleasure of involving many members of the community according to the project interest & need.

We are in coordination with the Community Legacy Foundation and are working solely with local businesses.  We hope you join with us in this journey to Artify Sauk Centre. 

"The group [above] quickly formed as [the Band Shell] project called for collaboration amongst people with expertise in order to move forward. "

This is from an article by the Sauk Centre Herald and highlights how the Artify Sauk Centre Coordinating Council continues to develop & evolve.

Local artist Roger Reinardy has long envisioned ways to Artify Sauk Centre, having his eye set on the Band Shell for nearly ten years before the mural became a reality. He designs the murals and provides the know-how while being willing to work along side anyone wanting to join efforts.  

Sauk Centre native, Project Manager Mike Wiesser lived and worked in Southern California much of his adult life before moving back to Sauk Centre upon retirement. He is passionate about using his business experiences for the beautification and fundraising efforts of Sauk Centre.

As Founder and President of Community Legacies Foundation, Inc., Pam Borgmann is the fiscal manager for Artify Sauk Centre. A native of Sauk Centre she aims to keep Sauk Centre a vibrant, viable community thru arts and commerce. She writes the grants and coordinates activities between the Project Manager and the Artists.

Former Mainstreeter athlete, Sarah Holmquist, is our media contact and specialist - designer, writer/editor of this website. She is active with our social media and in the community volunteering. 


Mark Raitor has joined us since the Band Shell project honoring the work his dad, featured in the mural and still serving the Sauk Centre community. Mark has a thorough appreciation of the arts and understanding of how to work well with people, bringing projects to reality. 

Marisa George is the Library Services Coordinator for GRRL Sauk Centre. She has years of library, technology, training and art/design experience.  She is a perpetual student, whose goal is to share the joy of creativity and life long learning with others.

Gwen Kranz is taking on perhaps the most ambitious project for the group, the Makerspace. Her care for the community is evident in her award winning efforts and results with the Community Garden

Sara Thompson joined the group 2017 catching the "artify" initiative drift. She has been key in communicating contracts with artists and writing grants and support letters. She has a true love for the community. 

Nikki  Mortiz, who joined the group 2017 discussing other projects with members, is a painter and instructor with Art Bar 39. With over ten year experience as Production Manager at Bayer Interior Woods to a few years as an interior decorator, she appreciates "restoring old back to new!" As a Mainstreeter she did concert and competitive choir. 

Sara Carlson is our liason with Sauk Centre Area Community Foundation and helps with the Community Giving from Willmar. 

Jim Himanga joined the group after his contribution of the Children's Literature full mural panorama summer 2018. 

"I am a Petroleum Exploration Geologist in Texas with roots in Sauk Centre.  I remember eating a Hot Beef dipped at John’s place, $1.00 a carload at the Drive-In, beeping horns as applause for bandshell concerts, and fishing below the dam." His aim in Artify Sauk Centre is to "celebrate the past and work towards the future."

Susan Hartigan was a painter for 20 years. Related to Roger Reinardy, she has the privilage of supporting many of the projects big & small. She is a long time member of the Sauk Centre community and is delighted to share in the work & word of Artify Sauk Centre Coordinating Council. 

None of the projects could be done without your help! Thank you!

Artify Sauk Centre Coordinating Council is recognized by the Sauk Centre Area Community Foundation. © 2018 

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